Let’s talk about crunch time for nonprofits

I’m known for urging leaders in faith-based nonprofits to grab hold of the promise of God’s amazing abundance. I encourage folks to tune out messages of scarcity and to avoid the hang-dog, poor-us presentation of many ministry organizations these days.  

Yet I’m also quick to caution that a casual overconfidence in God’s sufficiency is equally destructive to Christian ministries. Thom Jeavons and I acknowledge in Growing Givers’ Hearts that there’s no shame in naming real and pressing challenges.

Those who lead faith-based organizations have to walk a fine line between rightly appropriate and wrongly presumptuous faith. CEOs and board members need to be active learners, gathering information where they can and putting what they discover to work for their organizations. 

That’s why I am inviting my fundraiser and board colleagues serving in faith-based organizations (most especially those that are feeling the pressure of local and state budget constraints) to join me on-line, Wednesday, March 30, for the Nonprofit Quarterly’s Crunch Time for Nonprofits?  Then let’s talk about what we learn through comments to this blog.

“See” you on the 30th.

What's your take on this topic?

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