On fishing and fundraising

This past Saturday (April 2) marked the opening of trout season in south central Pennsylvania — the neck of the Commonwealth that I call home. The sight of usually sensible folks standing waste-deep in icy water on the hope of an early catch isn’t my idea of weekend fun. I do, however, admire their dedication to going where the fish are. Watching them reminds me of Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It and the fundraising advice the story provides.

You read it right.  There are definite similarities between fishing and fundraising. At least that’s been my experience. Consider the following passages from Maclean’s short story :

One reason Paul caught more fish than anyone else was that he had his flies in the water more than anyone else. “Brother,” he would say, “there are no flying fish in Montana. Out here, you can’t catch fish with your flies in the air.” His outfit was set up ready to go the moment he stepped out of the car; he walked fast. . . His flies were in the air at least twenty percent more of the time than mine.

Many of us probably would be better fishermen if we did not spend so much time watching and waiting for the world to become perfect.

“Brother,” he said, “you can’t catch trout in a bathtub. . . You can’t catch fish if you don’t dare go where they are.”

Every different kind of trout is on a different speedometer, and the correct timing will vary also with the stream and even the weather and the time of day.

It is not fly fishing if you are not looking for answers to questions.

Whether you are fishing or fundraising (or both), may your next catch be the big one.

What's your take on this topic?

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