Happy birthday, John Wesley. You’re my stewardship hero.

My blogger pal, Devin Manzull0 -Thomas, reminded me that today is the 308th anniversary of the birth of John Wesley, the patron saint of United Methodists and other Wesleyan leaning denominations.  (This includes the Brethren in Christ Church, of which Devin and I are both members.) As would be expected for a blog titled “The Search for Piety and Obedience,” Devin focuses on Wesley’s contribution to the theology of sanctification and to the American holiness movement.

For me and my colleagues — those of us who preach the gospel of fundraising as ministry — our focus tends more in the direction of Wesley’s sermonizing about money and generosity. Case in point: I refer you to a Generous Matters post where I highlighted Wesley’s iconic advice on earning, saving, and giving. 

Fortunately there’s no need to choose what of Wesley’s wisdom to savor and what to leave to others. His commentaries on sanctification, money, and a host of other important topics are all parts of a magnificent whole — a complete roadmap for the holy life. Wesley’s “call to personal and social and financial [my addition] holiness continues to challenge and inform Christians who are serious about being living participants in the Kingdom of God.”

So happy birthday, John Wesley. You’re my stewardship hero.

What's your take on this topic?

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