Generosity in quotes

“Circumstances are incidental compared to the life of Jesus, the Messiah. For it is a life that not only happened at a certain point in history, but continues to happen, spilling out into the lives of those who receive him, and then continues to spill out all over the place. Christ is, among much else, the revelation that God cannot be contained or hoarded. It is this “spilling out” quality of Christ’s life that accounts for the happiness of Christians, for joy is life in excess, the overflow of what cannot be contained with any one person. “

Eugene H. Peterson, well-known pastor, scholar, author and poet, commenting on Paul’s letter to the Philippians in The Message


  1. John F Martin says:

    What an appropriate reminder on your birthday, because the signature I remember about being around you for a bit in the early 1990s is your bubbly personality and your contagious joy! I do believe that you live this quality of Christ’s life, and we have all been blessed by it! Happy birthday, Rebekah!

  2. Thank you, John, for your kind words. It is good to be remembered as a joyful person. Glad to know that Jesus’ love spills from my life — at least sometimes.

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