Generosity in quotes

“In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, there is an old Gullah term for early morning: dayclean, as in “Child, you’ve got to go to bed because dayclean’s coming.” The point is that every new day is ‘clean’ — a blank slate upon which the story of new mercies yet undiscovered might be written. If we are not preoccupied by the past or troubled by the future, we will see the day for the miraculous thing that it is — in the face of the child sitting at the breakfast table, or in the gift of work to do and the opportunity to do it well, or in friends who shoulder our pleasures and burdens with us and help make them meaningful. Nothing special — just ordinary gifts around us that enable us to get from today to tomorrow.”

Theodore Wardlaw, president and professor of homiletics at Austin (TX) Presbyterian Theological Seminary, from “Reflections on the lectionary” in Christian Century magazine, September 6, 2011

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