Have assignments, will travel . . . perhaps to a city near you

Just as the weather here in the northeastern U.S. is cooling down, my travel schedule is heating up. I have a wonderful mix of consulting and speaking assignments coming up — all of which give me opportunity to proclaim the good news that fundraising and board work are ministry too.

I look forward to making new friends through the work ahead. I am eager, as well, to connect with long-time friends as a travel. I encourage you to check out the dates and locales that follow. If I’m coming to a town near you and you’d like to touch base, send me an email or give me a call. I often have a few hours to spare before, during, or after an assignment.

Here’s where I’m heading between now and Christmas break:

  • September 27-28: Immediately following my workshop in Lancaster, I’ll hurry off to Baltimore, MD for a two-day gathering of In Trust Governance mentors and writers.
  • October 14-15: In my role as an In Trust Governance mentor, I’ll lead the board of Providence University College (Otterburne, Manitoba) in a review of the results from their self-assessment.
  • October 17-19: I’ll meet with the Third Century Mission Work Group at the American Baptist denominational headquarters in Valley Forge, PA as we wrap up a year-long planning process for AB International Ministries.
  • November 14-16: I’ll help facilitate the first meeting in a pilot project on governance and faith-based nonprofits. This one is sponsored by the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust in Vancouver, WA.

I already see the value of my blogging as I’m preparing for the work ahead. You can also expect that material from my presentations to clients and at conferences will show up in future posts. That’s just as I anticipated when I launched Generous Matters.  So stay tuned. There’s a lot of learning ahead.


  1. Tommy Thomas says:

    Rebekah, I don’t see a sojourn to Nashville in your itenerary. It has been a long time since we last met. Say hello to my friend, Steve Moore @ Murdock!!!

  2. I don’t see Denver either. I have trips scheduled to Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Atlanta in the next month, so I don’t see overlap either. Keep up the good work.

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