Generous Matters top 10 picks in November

November was the biggest month yet for Generous Matters with the number of page views more than doubling. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and especially to those readers who added their comments to the mix.

The top 10 picks by Generous Matters readers in November were:

  1. The Penn State board’s response to crisis: a case study in the making
  2. My heart made me do it
  3. Wile E. Coyote and board recruitment strategies
  4. Servant leadership and rugged altruism
  5. Reading it forward: a review of Great by Choice
  6. Reaching Millennials through stewardship evangelism
  7. Channeling Walther Brueggemann
  8. Powering on when the power falters
  9. The board chair-CEO relationship is like a pair of chopsticks
  10. If I had a rich board, deedle, deedle, dum

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  1. More than doubled? That’s great!

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