Generosity in quotes

Luke 1: 46-52

“Mary sings. She sings Hannah’s song (1 Samuel 2:1-10), making it hers and making it ours. God has looked favorably on Mary and on us. The world of ‘might makes right’ and ‘look out for your own’ is turned upside down. The humble hungry eat and the ruthless rich are put to shame. The world becomes what God meant it to be. Only God can do this. Only God is holy enough and merciful enough. God’s mercy is forever and for all—for the poor who plead ceaselessly because they must and for the rich who give generously because they can. All who follow God are made servants together—servants of God and of one another. This is what the kingdom of God will look like.”

Fred Gaiser, professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary (MN) and editor of Word & World, from”There’s a Voice in the Wilderness: Daily Devotions for Advent”

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