One year with Generous Matters

Today marks the first anniversary of Generous Matters, a not-so-consequential milestone for the world, but pretty special to me. When I set out on this journey in March 2011, I had no idea what fun I would have with a blog. Nor could I have imagined back then the great people who blogging would bring into my life.

A big thank you to all who’ve stopped by during the year, and an even bigger THANK YOU to those who’ve become subscribers. I am humbled that you found my musings of sufficient merit to do so. And to everyone who forwarded an article or re-posted a Generous Matters entry, wow! I love it.


As I launch into a second year of blogging, I’m eager for your feedback. Let me know what sorts of posts you find most helpful. And please, if there are subjects you would like to see me tackle, leave a comment. I’m open to suggestions and eager for inspiration.

Twelve months into my life as a blogger finds me more convinced than ever that generous matters — that sharing ideas, encouragement, and an occasional rant makes me and you better at the work to which God has called us. I look forward to where the next year takes us.

What's your take on this topic?

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