Generosity in quotes

“Looking quietly at all the clutter that prevents us from seeing ourselves honestly, looking quietly at the ways in which the world we live in muffles the truth and so frustrates the search for justice and love – this isn’t a luxury.  This is how the truth makes us free.  Not free to do what we fancy at any given moment, but free to be real, to be truthful, to be ‘in the truth’, as the New Testament puts it.  After all, what other sort of freedom is finally worth having?  It may cost us everything we thought we needed to hang on to; but – as the history of Christ’s journey to the cross and the resurrection makes clear – the end of the story is a fulfillment, a homecoming, for which we can never find adequate words.  It’s the freedom to be what we most deeply are.”

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, from a sermon delivered on the first Sunday of Lent 2012 at King’s School Canterbury

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