Generosity in quotes

“Plenty of things Jesus says are counter-intuitive. If you love your life, you will lose it. Unless you die, you cannot live. His concept of sacrifice seems to be counter-intuitive, too. The Jews expected their Messiah to be a powerful, charismatic leader who would throw off Roman rule and restore Israel to glory. But Jesus’ idea of glory is not wealth or military might, but selfless suffering and death.

As Christians, sometimes we are called to sacrifice things as a part of the greater good. . .  [It may be] difficult, but when we put the needs of our neighbors before our own, they start to bear fruit. Communities grow. Bridges are built. Relationships are mended. God’s Kingdom expands.”

Shelley Cunningham, pastor of Zumbro Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN, from “Water Marks: Daily Christian Devotions for Lent” produced by Luther and Pacific Lutheran Seminaries

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