Generosity in quotes

“When the dreams we have for ourselves match the reality of our experience, we’re living our purpose. These moments of leadership aren’t always about being in the spotlight. They aren’t always about presenting to thousands or asking for millions of dollars. They are often quiet moments as we are getting dressed to leave or are making notes in preparation for a call. We know that what we are doing is right, but it feels so uncomfortable that all we want is for someone to come down from above to answer our hesitant wondering about whether we’re doing the right thing with a confident Yes.”

Billy Parish, co-author of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World and co-founder of the Energy Action Coalition and the co-founder and president of Solar Mosaic, from an article in YES! Magazine.


  1. Jeff Jenkins says:

    Thanks, Rebekah, for posting this quote. It’s what I needed to hear this morning.

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