Generosity in quotes

“Most of us have heard a sermon or three about generous giving and tithing. It is far more rare to hear messages about dealing with the challenge of living in a society (and at times, a church culture) that treats covetousness as a virtue. It may be rarer still to admit that each one of us has struggled with the longing to take for ourselves what the Giver of all good gifts has given. Most churches have at least one member who was rocked by the economic meltdown. Often, these people have hard-won wisdom to share with the rest of us about what really matters in life, as well as stories of God’s care and provision to tell. Their stories can be helpful tutors as we learn to fight the temptation to covet other people’s possessions and relationships. . . God has provided a wonderful home and life for me here and now. As I live into his abundant life, my desires align with his, and my longing increases for my permanent address, the one home he has promised me I’ll live in, with deepest contentment, forever.”

Michelle Van Loon from the article “Green with Housing Envy: Bursting the Bubble of Coveting My Neighbor’s Home?” at her.meneutics, the Christianity Today blog for women

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