Rest for the weary, grace for the rest

As this post goes live, I’ll be up in the air (literally), in flight to Dallas, Texas. Along with more than 2,000 young moms, 150 or so paid and volunteer staff, and 12 of my board peers, I’m headed for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Convention 2012.

No surprise that the joys and frustrations of young parenting  are top of my mind at the moment. And no surprise that blogger Trevin Wax’s post in praise of mothers nearly leaped off the computer screen at me. He beautifully captures the experience of the women for whom MOPS was created.

Interestingly, Wax’s words (with a bit of editing) apply just as nicely to the work of boards, CEOs, and staff of faith-based nonprofits.  Ministry leaders, like moms, need an occasional reminder that God wants to meet them at “the place where they admit their powerlessness and need for Him.”

So to all who can use the lift of an eagle’s wing today, read on and know that

God loves you – not because you are a good mother (or board member, CEO, development officer) but just because you are His precious child.

God loves you – not because you’ve mastered all the skills of parenting (governance, leadership, fundraising) but because He has.

It’s divine grace that will transform your parenting (board work, leadership) – not guilt.

It’s grace that will keep you going and serving and scrubbing (in some smaller ministries, board members and CEOs do this, too) when you’re exhausted and worn out.

It’s grace that will conquer your feelings of inadequacy and remind you of God’s love for you in Christ.

God has demonstrated the fullness of His love for you through the cross of His Son, even while you were still a sinner.

He has promised you His presence.

He has spoken His approval over you in Christ.

He is the perfect Father who delights in you as a daughter.

Find in Him your Treasure and Joy. Be to others what He is to you.

So walk in freedom. Let Him hold you together when everything seems to be falling apart.

Bask in His unfailing love for you. And rest in His promise of power.


  1. Love this post. I have attended 3 MOPS conventions and they still number among my favorite and most encouraging events I’ve ever attended. Trevin’s words are a timely reminder. I definitely want to be a grace filled parent. Thanks for a great post! Have a great time at the convention. I wish I could be there, too.

    • Thanks for checking in, Becky. It’s great to hear from a former MOPS mom and to know that the experience continues to encourage you. The Texas Gaylord is already beginning to rock. Please pray with us for God’s special blessing on Convention 2012.

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