Generosity in quotes

“We are neither isolated individuals, as Ayn Rand suggests, nor cogs in a collective machine as Marxists insist. Rather, we are free, responsible individuals who can become what the Creator intended only in community. Scripture is clear in its call to love our neighbors as ourselves and to carry a special concern for the poor in recognition that God measures societies by what they do to the people at the bottom.”

Ron Sider, president of Evangelicals for Social Action and distinguished professor of theology, holistic ministry, and public policy at Palmer Theological Seminary, from “Why the budget is a moral issue,” in Mennonite World Review. The article is excerpted from Sider’s new book, Fixing the Moral Deficit.


  1. Why is Sider not better known? I happened across his institute awhile ago and then forgot about it. For that matter, why aren’t YOU better known? Anyway, I’m grateful to follow your thoughts, findings and sharing.

    • Thank you, James, for your affirming word. I plug away in a tiny corner of the faith-based nonprofit world and that’s where I tend to be known. It would be heady if thousands of readers regularly followed Generous Matters and if I could charge maga-buck fees. But I enjoy the ministry God has given me and I try to provide useful counsel to those with whom I come into contact. As for Ron Sider’s reputation, he’s best known in Anabaptist (my people) circles and among socially minded Evangelicals, although his books and essays have a much wider reach. He’s one of my heroes.

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