Generosity in quotes

“It’s Advent, which means ‘coming.’ Oh, we can look at our calendars and know just how many days we have until Christmas. We know when the Light will arrive. At least we know the day we will celebrate when the Light first arrived. Those in Israel in 4 B.C. didn’t know when he would come. As far as they knew, their darkness would last forever. I can say that the Light has come into the world, but when will he come into MY world? When will he come into yours?

And then when he arrives, we find he has been here all along. It is part of the great mystery. Darkness is not darkness to him. ‘Waiting patiently’ has no meaning for the one who created time. He Was, and Is, and Will Be. It’s just that he wasn’t where we were looking, and he isn’t ever here in the time we want him, and he won’t be the way we think he should be. He is the Rebel Jesus, and was, even at his birth. If we expect him to be anything else, we are making a god with our own hands rather than accepting God as he knows himself to be.”

Jeff Dunn6dfdf0fc1c320fc8ecf67057250bf40e from an article titled “The Rebel Jesus” for the blog, Internet Monk

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