Geneoristy in quotes

“I’ve often heard it said — and I believe — that living for Christ is all or nothing. I think sometimes we perceive ‘all’ as something exotic, and since we aren’t doing that, we settle for ‘nothing.’ What we fail to realize is that ‘all encompasses wherever we are right now. I am inspired by those working overseas to create social change and spiritual awakening. I admire those who impact the world in such big ways that they make the headlines. However, I also believe that making a difference can be subtle: smiling at the cashier in the grocery store, becoming involved in our communities, getting to know the person who lives in the house next to ours. If we take a look around us, I think we’ll realize something important. Making a difference can look a like Ordinary.”

deborah-johnson-thumbnailDeborah A. Johnson, special education teacher in Bainbridge, NY and recent graduate of Houghton College, from Why Ordinary Matters in fall/winter 2012 issue of the Houghton College magazine

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