Generosity in quotes: Neely Stansell-Simpson

“Destruction is easy and immediate. It’s the work of a moment — the pulling of a trigger, the detonating of a bomb, the striking of a match . . . It’s loud. It’s flashy. It’s sexy. It’s larger than life. It feels like power. But the work of Grace is much harder. It’s not immediate, and it takes finesse, creativity, agonizing vulnerability, and patience. The work of Grace is a trillion little moments stacked up patiently and quietly over a lifetime. Which of the two takes more strength?

I will say it again because it can’t be said too much, it is my belief that despite all evidence to the contrary, those involved in the work of Grace far outnumber those involved in the work of destruction.”

NeelyNeely Stansell-Simpson, a freelance writer from Columbia, SC, in an article on her “Glimpsing God” blog 

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