Generosity in quotes: Daphne Hollinger Fowler

“I see and understand poverty as not simply a lack of things. (Which of course then implies that our response is not as simple as merely giving things.) True poverty comes from really messed up relationships. From family members who don’t care to extend generosity to a sibling or son in need. From one ethnic group’s insistence that they are more deserving over another. From a farmer’s lack of relationship with the land he cultivates. From a widow’s inability to see herself as fully human. From a hardness inhibiting commune with a God who does care and does long for restored relationships.”

dkhf_1352343115_600Daphne Hollinger Fowler, wife, mother, and international relief worker, from a blog post titled “on being poor” in which she reflects on searching for employment in the United States upon completion of a 3-year term in Cambodia with Mennonite Central Committee


  1. Wow, this is some good perspective. I had the opportunity to meet Daphne and hear her share about women in Cambodia back in March in Souderton at the MCC event there, and was very blessed by her testimony and her husband’s as well. Looking up her blog now.

    • Daphne and Ryan are a remarkable couple with much to offer any organization that would offer them employment. I hope Generous Matters readers will pray that the right door will soon open for them.

      • Amy Starr says:

        What employment are they interested in? And where are they living?

      • They are living in Atlanta, Amy, but I believe they are willing to relocate. It’s my understanding that Ryan is seeking an administrative or program position with a faith-based (or other) NGO.

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