How not to annoy donors

One article back, I encouraged fundraisers to see themselves through donors’ eyes. Today, the guys over at The Agitator, a daily must-read for me, picked up the theme with a comment from Claire Axelrad, another blogger and fundraising consultant extraordinaire, as their springboard.  (I love when great minds think alike, especially when those minds agree with mine.)

You can read The Agitator post here.

In the meantime, think about which you are?

  • A guide, helping your donor find joy? What’s your evidence of that?
  • Or a paparazzi, a stalker, a buzzing insect … in short, a bloody biting nuisance to your donors?”

If you don’t know how donors perceive you, ask. Better to hear a hard truth than to continue to annoy.

What's your take on this topic?

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