Generosity in quotes: Cameron B. R. Howard

” . . . how we make money is as important as how we spend it. If we give generously to the church but exploit workers or God’s creation as we do it, we have failed to worship in a way that is pleasing to God. If we show up every Sunday morning and Wednesday night, yet we ignore those in need we pass along the way, we have still failed to worship.

If we can meld together our workweek and our Sundays, our hiring and our fasting, our earning and our giving, all in support of our neighbor, then the prophet assures us that we will feel God’s presence before us and behind us, in every part of life: ‘Your light shall break forth like the dawn’ (Isaiah 58:8).”

CameronHoward_150sCameron B. R. Howard, assistant professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN), from an article on the seminary’s Center for Stewardship Leaders website

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