Generosity in quotes: Jamie Wright

“Once I felt free to pick my one thing, the apathy I’d begun to feel for all the other things disappeared. What I found was that one cause leads to another. I have a passion for Search and Rescue, but becoming an active participant in the rescue of victims has led me to consider the next precarious steps of those who are entering freedom and how I can consciously participate in their success by using my buying power and my politics on their behalf. It’s all connected. We’re all connected. So do your thing to make the world better, whatever it may be.
But, seriously. DO SOMETHING.
Do your homework, sign your name, give your money, volunteer your time. Find a cause and fall in love, and give yourself away to it. Don’t let compassion fatigue turn you into a Starbucks swilling zombie who only reads ‘because everything else is just too depressing’.
Do something for someone else.”
Jamie WrightJamie Wright, blogger, speaker, and self-proclaimed very worst missionary, from an article titled “Tired of Caring.”

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