Generosity in action: Helping people one scarf at a time

She’s only been knitting since October, but for Ponca, NE, elementary school student Mackenzie Schram, her new-found hobby has become a passion. In just under six months, the 10-year old has made and sold fifty infinity scarves and donated another fifty to Haven House, a ministry that provides intervention and support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Infinity scarves are just what I did to make a difference, but there’s a bunch of other ways to make a difference, too. It can be something really simple that can make a big difference, like smiling or complementing someone, or making a meal for someone,” Mackenzie explains.

Her opening statement when addressing a group, as she is asked to do a lot these days, is this: “Have you ever felt too small to make a difference?” Take it from Mackenzie, you’re not.

Thank you to proud (rightfully so) grandmother Pam Schram, a regular reader of Generous Matters, for introducing us to the remarkable Mackenzie.

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