In someone else’s words: David Lose

While Generous Matters is on hiatus, I’ll use this space to highlight blogs that regularly encourage, challenge, and/or delight me. Today, it’s . . . In the Meantime from blogger and seminary president David Lose.

plagerismHere’s an excerpt from his gorgeous discussion of parable versus fable:

Jesus describes the coming Kingdom of God in parables because he knows the reality it introduces is unexpected and that his hearers can’t really take it in all at once. Parables, as Eugene Peterson has said, are in this sense like narrative time bombs. You hear them – tick – wonder about them – tick – think maybe you’ve got it – tick – and then as you walk away – tick – or over the course of the next day or so – tick – and all of a sudden the truth Jesus meant to convey strikes home – boom! – almost overwhelming you with its implications.

The Kingdom Jesus proclaims has room for everyone. It overturns the things the world has taught us are insurmountable and creates a new and open – and for this reason perhaps a tad frightening – future. This is, in short, a threatening word for any and all who believe they are “self-made” men or women, but simultaneously good news – perhaps the best news – for anyone who can admit his or her need.


  1. dorothy gish says:

    What is the source of the plagiarism quote? i like to use it in my letter to new DSP students.

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