Generosity in quotes: Olivia Whitener

“Being a member of a church comes with many expectations. But so does being a Christian. A theological belief in salvation through grace alone roots my faith, but so does the action of giving of my time, talents, and earthly possessions to those who have less. I am both loved by God as an individual, and called to be in a community.

By putting a few dollars into the offering plate with the offering of all those sitting in the pews next to me, we are re-committing to a life in radical Christian community. And when we walk to the communion table and receive the sacraments, it is as a united congregation of disciples who are striving together to live into the grace we have been given.”

Olivia Whitener


Olivia Whitener, editorial assistant for Sojourners, from a blog article titled “3 Reasons I Tithe — Even If It’s Not Much

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