Generosity in quotes: Jason McNeal

“When we give less we become more disconnected from each other and we find less meaning in our human interactions.  Simply put, a community that gives less is not as healthy as a community that gives more. . .  When we give, we aren’t losing something of value, we are gaining something that truly is priceless.”

Jason McNeal, fundraiser and partner with Gonser Gerber Advancement Consultants , from a blog post titled “This Needs To Be Run More Like a Business


  1. Tim Friesen says:

    I appreciate this comment and the blog written by Jason McNeal. With a new generational view towards membership and giving, its important to continue educating young people about the benefits of charitable giving. Thank you!

    • I agree, Tim, that taking care to be clear that giving is about much more than simply us and our cause is essential to growing generous hearts. Generosity matters to the well-being of individuals, charitable causes, and communities/the world.

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