Generosity in quotes: Tom Fiebiger

“Maybe our stewardship of white privilege looks like relinquishing seats on boards to people of color? Does it look like empowering people of color to ‘run things’? Maybe it means asking hard questions, challenging broken economic, educational, and justice systems that perpetuate racism.

We can also question our own implicit racist responses to things we don’t immediately understand. Rather than asking why BLM protestors inconvenience us by shutting down the interstate, maybe Christ would call us to ask when was the last time we were inconvenienced — because we’re white?

And we can pray.”



Tom Fiebiger, a self-described recovering civil rights lawyer and politician,  from a blog post titled “The Stewardship of White Privilege” on the Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) Stewardship site. You can follow Tom at



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