Here comes the judge and there goes your overtime

The very day I posted an article here at Generous Matters in which I linked the update in U.S. regulations for overtime pay with Jesus’ command about love of neighbor, a federal judge in Texas issued a preliminary nationwide injunction against the Labor Department’s ruling. With a swipe of his pen, Judge Amos Mazzant III presented board members and CEO’s of faith-based nonprofits with a kairos moment — one of those God-given propitious points in time for faithful decision and action.


Ministry leaders can clap their hands in glee at having dodged a bullet and then move on without further thought about possible injustices in their organization’s financial model. Or they can continue the conversation that the DOL ruling began, seeking God’s wisdom in balancing care for staff with pursuit of mission. My heart is on the later, although my head cautions me otherwise.

Discussions about the Department of Labor’s ruling on overtime have done little to prepare board members and CEOs to hear or heed what the Spirit may/could speak into boardroom deliberations. From what I’m seeing, advice on the topic is focused almost exclusively on financial impact, with meager attention to potential for Christian witness.

I understand the challenges faced by the nonprofit sector, small to mid-size organizations in particular. These are my people, the ministries with which I spend the bulk of my time. But I refuse to give in to the scarcity mindset that is driving the backlash against the DOL ruling. I believe that God will honor organizations that commit to correcting injustices in how employees are paid and all the more so if they go beyond what’s required by government regulations.


What might the Holy Spirit be speaking to your board and other organizational leaders through the DOL ruling about overtime pay?

What would it mean to switch out scarcity thinking for confidence in God’s abundance as you discuss salary structures and work schedules?

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to remain alert for Holy Spirit orchestrated kairos moments – in our personal lives and in our leadership of faith-based organizations. It is ours to choose, to listen, heed, and act as the Spirit directs, even when a judge in Texas gives us an out.

Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t that be a witness?



  1. Tim Friesen says:

    Thank you for your perspective and continued encouragement to embrace the abundance mentality in faith and ministry.

    • I know God’s heart aches when God’s children give in to scarcity and fear. Thank you, Tim, for being a ministry leader who refuses to go in those defeatist directions. I am cheering for you.

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