Generous Matters top 10 list for 2016

There’s much about 2016 that I’d just as soon forget, starting with the ugly U.S. presidential race. Fortunately, good memories from the past 12 months outweigh the bad for me. Such is the blessing of living, working, and worshiping with generous, faith-filled, and other-oriented folks. Gloom and doom don’t have a chance when confronted with so much good and kindness.

Included in the wonderful company I keep are you dear readers – steward leaders, fundraisers, ministry heads, educators, board members, and joyful givers all. You are an amazing bunch and I am honored when you take time to read and (occasionally) comment on what I write here at Generous Matters.

The stats for Generous Matters tell me that the 10 most accessed posts from this past year are:

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Generous matters now more than ever, as does the work to which God has called you. So get some rest. Enjoy downtime with family and friends. And reflect on God with you in 2016, even as you plan for 2017.

As for me, my plans include continued exploration of fundraising and board governance as ministry through this blog, consulting assignments, and invitations to speak.

Until then, may yours be a blessed Christmas.


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