Generosity in quotes: Amanda Grace Caldwell

“We are all waiting for something. But God, in his goodness, brings us moments of joy in-between. It’s a moment of connection or laughter or glee. It’s a moment of peace or of spontaneity. And if we count these moments, one by one, we end up with much more than a ray of light. We end up with a ray of hope.
Today, let’s open our eyes to the tiny moments of glee. The moments God is using to bring us joy and contentment in the in-between. And may we laugh at whirling Ferris wheels and dance on sandy beaches. Because the truth is, God is right here with us: smack dab in the in-between.”
Amanda Grace Caldwell, counselor, minister, and author, in an article titled  “Joy In-Between” and posted to Elisa Morgan’s “Really” blog


  1. dorothy jean gish says:

    I thank God for the in-between.

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