Five questions to ask before spending money on that “great” idea

The day after I posted “Six questions to ask and answer before asking my advice,” up popped a similarly themed bit of writing on Wesley Seminary’s Leading Ideas blog. (If you’re not already a subscriber, I encourage you to become one today.)

To be sure, there’s a difference in the focus of the two pieces. Mine is on raising money while the seminary’s addresses spending it. But the thesis is the same for both.

Getting your questions right, matters.

A case in point from the folks at Leading Ideas:

Sometimes churches (and other organizations) feel the need to spend money for some purpose that, while not mandatory, seems important. Some questions to ask might include:

What specific outcome are we seeking with this expenditure?

Will this outcome advance our mission?

How likely is the outcome to happen?

How long will it take?

Are there other ways to use these funds that would advance our mission more directly or effectively?

Asking and answering these (and other good) questions is always worth your investment of time. Believe me.

What's your take on this topic?

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