Generosity in quotes: Tomáš Halík

“What will distinguish us from the mass of people around us (but what will also link us with those with whom we ourselves would not seek to be allied) is not the crosses on the banners and on the walls of public buildings but precisely our willingness ‘to take upon ourselves the form of a servant.’ Such an attitude (kenosis, the self-emptying of one’s own will) means adopting a markedly nonconformist stance amid a civilization geared mainly to material success; those who live that way can be both a concealed ‘salt of the earth’ and also a highly visible ‘light of the world.'”

Tomáš Halík, Czech theologian and scholar, from I Want You to Be: On the God of Love


  1. I love this quote Rebekah. Thanks for posting it!

    • Halik’s words are a balm to my weary heart. I need to remind myself daily that God is in control despite the craziness coming out of Washington and that what God requires of us is to do what God requires of us. We can leave the rest to God.

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