Crying for Omran

As a teen-ager, I glibly committed to letting my heart be broken by the things that break God’s. However, the older I get, the less my heart is able to deal with all this world holds. There are times when challenges within a ten-mile radius of my home are enough to overwhelm me, let alone […]

The most generous among us were home schooled.

In generosity, that is. The earliest and longest lasting stewardship education begins at home, as parents and grandparents talk and walk the importance of giving to others. To paraphrase the author of Proverbs, when we train up children in the way they should go, the training sticks – including when it comes to stewardship practices. […]

Generosity in action: Helping people one scarf at a time

She’s only been knitting since October, but for Ponca, NE, elementary school student Mackenzie Schram, her new-found hobby has become a passion. In just under six months, the 10-year old has made and sold fifty infinity scarves and donated another fifty to Haven House, a ministry that provides intervention and support services to victims of […]

Generosity in action: Shovel it forward campaign

It’s been an especially snowy winter across great swaths of North America and with each snowfall has come opportunities for generosity in action. That’s the theme of the “shovel it forward” campaign from Canadian Tire. As the caption on the YouTube video reads, “Acts of kindness, like shovelling snow for a neighbour, make Canadians who […]

Generosity in action: Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Customers at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia are dishing up generosity a slice at a time, following the lead of the shop’s owner Mason Wartman. Here’s how it works. When paying for their food, customers are invited to add a dollar to the total, then write a message on a post-it note and stick it […]