In lieu of New Years resolutions or three words for the year, a Psalm for 2018

A half-decade or so ago, I swapped out three words for the usual (and useless) annual exercise in futility known as resolution making. No more big promises and grandiose aspirations for me, just simple, short, and sketchy — broad-stroke descriptors of the kind of person I want to be versus boldly stated declarations of intended […]

My three words for 2017

Back in 2012, I substituted three single-word aspirations for full-blown New Year’s resolutions. At the time, it sounded less a challenge to live into a few syllables than to follow through on complete sentences. Four years and 12 words later, I knew otherwise. In fact, I was so put off by what seemed an annual […]

Sometimes not-doing is the best thing to do

With the June 30 fiscal year-end barreling down on them like an out of control locomotive, it’s no surprise that a whole lot of nonprofit folk are exhausted. The last leg of the annual race for the gold is the most taxing, always, and weariness is to be expected. Fortunately, quieter days in July and […]

If you want to be appreciated, act like it.

You’ve likely heard it said that Millennials crave appreciation and without it, they struggle in the work place. But truth be told, that pretty much describes all of us, regardless generational label or spot within the organizational pecking order. An affirming word from the boss makes a gray day sunny and a tough job tolerable. […]

True work or false hustle, what’s in your week?

This article will post at 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning – my most hopeful hour of the week. Five work days stretch out in front of me and I’m determined to make each one count. I’ve got my to-do list in hand and I’m raring to go. Nothing will get in my way. Or so […]

Advice giving as vocation, avocation, and hopefully not annoyance

For almost two decades, I’ve made a living handing out advice about fundraising and board governance. But truth be told, my family says I’ve been telling people what to do all my life. Like Lucy of the Peanuts cartoon gang, ask me a question and I’ll give you my two cents worth. I can’t help […]

My three words for 2015

A few years back (2012 to be exact), I traded one-word aspirations for full-blown New Year’s resolutions. At the time, it sounded less a challenge to live into a few syllables than to follow through on complete sentences. Three years and nine words later, I know otherwise. Whether in a few words or many, committing […]

Tips for when to give, when to walk away, and how to feel good either way

Two articles on charitable giving were waiting in my in-box when I turned on my computer this morning. One provided 4 tips for how to say no to charity pleas of the season “without being a Scrooge.” The other cited “5 ways to maximize your happiness when giving.” Interestingly, although the starting points for the […]

A thank you a day keeps the doctor away

As the calendar flips from November to December, there’s more in the air than a feeling of Christmas. I’m talking germs. ‘Tis the season for runny noses, coughing, and that stuffed up feeling. At times such as this, a flu shot is a good idea. However, as an article posted to the FastCompany blog tells […]

Leadership advice from women of a certain age

These days, my retirement plans are of greater interest to inquiring minds than is my present and future work. Never mind that I’m eager to plow other fields, to tackle a new challenge or two (or three). It’s assumed I’m ready to head out to pasture. But hey, if Hillary Clinton is ramping up for […]