Generosity in quotes: James Alison

“The word if is the entry to privation, not abundance. . . When we perceive that abundance is no longer driven by scarcity, fear, and if and when we know ourselves loved, we become lovable. Becoming lovable, we do not fear recognizing in public the power of one who walked for us in deep dark […]

Re-gifting abundance

America’s nonprofits are in full ask mode as the clock runs down on 2012, and everyone, it seems, is feeling a little shaky. Nonstop talk of a looming fiscal cliff, along with hints that the charitable giving deduction could be on the chopping block, have even the most optimistic of fundraisers biting their nails. As […]

Generosity in quotes

“What began as well-meaning boundaries has become stinginess. ‘No’s’ were useful in helping me focus on what’s important. But when I began to say ‘no’ from a stance of ‘not enough,’ I was hoarding time, effort, attention and money. When I saw the abundance in my life, I could become truly generous. When I finally […]

Recognizing the abundance in my abundance of years

The experience of teaching an online course consisting mainly of students who are younger than my youngest child has me feeling my years. It’s a tough pill to swallow recognizing that it’s not just that I could be my students’ mother. I could be their grandmother (granted, a VERY young Nana). Just as I’m about […]

Generosity in quotes

“Grace is the presence of God in the life of the world — freely extended through the ministry of Christ to every living soul. So Christian charity becomes a ministry of sharing God’s gifts of grace. It is not a paternalistic act of giving from the abundance of those who have to those who don’t; […]

Generosity in quotes

“The people of God know that they have things money cannot buy; they know they are rich in things of the soul. The job of the contemporary congregation is, as always, to increase love and understanding of God and love toward the neighbor. Lest money stand in the way of love, congregations must become places […]

Let’s talk about crunch time for nonprofits

I’m known for urging leaders in faith-based nonprofits to grab hold of the promise of God’s amazing abundance. I encourage folks to tune out messages of scarcity and to avoid the hang-dog, poor-us presentation of many ministry organizations these days.   Yet I’m also quick to caution that a casual overconfidence in God’s sufficiency is equally destructive to Christian […]

Sometimes the donor isn’t right

The premier video in a new series from titled “Business Boxing” provides a humorous take on a serious question: Is the customer always right? What if we substituted donor for customer? In Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry, Thom Jeavons and I caution that there are times when what a donor wants isn’t best for the organization. We […]