Generosity in quotes: David Lose

“Absent law, it’s each person for him or herself, but when we receive the law as God’s gift to help us live into God’s dream of abundant life for all, we recognize that we are most faithful to the law when we use it to help and protect each other, not insist on it for […]

Generosity in quotes: Tom Kaden

“We don’t help people experience the abundant life by telling them they should be experiencing the abundant life. We show people how to experience the abundant life by modeling an abundant life first. We help others experience the abundant life by taking a genuine interest in them and reminding them that someone else thinks their […]

Generosity in quotes: David King

“While we each must shape our own theology of money, at the core is our response of gratitude to God’s generosity. At stake is who God is: God is generous, gracious, loving and merciful. A Christian’s life of faith is rooted in and shaped by grateful response to God’s generosity. How we understand and live […]

Generosity in quotes: Mark Allan Powell

“The missional church proclaims the good news that God is actively engaged in this world and that God is ready and willing to use us to accomplish God’s purposes. This is a tremendous privilege! Obviously, God could accomplish whatever God wants without our assistance, but God has chosen to use us as agents for God’s […]

Generosity in quotes

“Most of us have heard a sermon or three about generous giving and tithing. It is far more rare to hear messages about dealing with the challenge of living in a society (and at times, a church culture) that treats covetousness as a virtue. It may be rarer still to admit that each one of […]

Generosity in quotes

“A wag once observed, ‘The trouble with living sacrifices is that they keep trying to crawl off the alter.’ Whether or not Paul intended to coin a new oxymoron (like jumbo shrimp), this phrase is jarring. After all, in the biblical worldview, sacrifice always entails death — a giving up of life. . . Yet […]