Generosity in quotes: Reid Trulson

“We face a challenge. About a third of today’s world population identifies as Christian, but that percentage was the same in 1900. We send many long-term missionaries around the world, but in 1900 we sent seven times more. We consider ourselves generous, but spend more on pet food than on religious causes and give an […]

Two century-old fundraising wisdom from the second Mrs. Judson

Donor-centered fundraising has never been as important as it is now. Or so goes the buzz among development gurus. I’ve said as much myself – first in Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry and then again (and again and again) in my interaction with clients. When it comes to nurturing loyal giving, nothing beats […]

Conventional wisdom or self-fulfilling prophecy

What is the toughest sell these days for fundraisers? If your answer is unrestricted support, join the chorus. Conventional wisdom among 21st century fundraisers points away from support of administrative and other infrastructure functions and in the direction of special projects. You know the storyline. Today’s donors aren’t as interested in preserving organizations as were […]