Generosity in quotes: Alexandra Kuykendall

“It’s [the] small moments where the choice lies. Right in between the beautiful and the boring. These small moments determine how we want to view, even live, our days. With disappointment and criticism or with gratitude for the goodness that we can’t run from. God’s goodness that follows us to every corner of our mundane […]

Generosity in quotes: John Stoker

” . . . there is something to be said for how we treat others on our team and the deliberate attempts we make at recognizing others for their efforts and encouraging them to continue to do their best in providing value in what they do. After all, lifting one another is how we lift […]

If you want to be appreciated, act like it.

You’ve likely heard it said that Millennials crave appreciation and without it, they struggle in the work place. But truth be told, that pretty much describes all of us, regardless generational label or spot within the organizational pecking order. An affirming word from the boss makes a gray day sunny and a tough job tolerable. […]