And now for a kick in the ask

If Giving USA and other such reports are believed, this is the best of times for fundraisers and the good causes for which they work. Donors dug deep in 2015 (the most recent year for which giving numbers are available), doling out a whopping $373.25 billion to their favorite causes. Individual donors upped their gifts […]

In fundraising, as in life, variety is the spice.

You’ve heard it said that variety is the spice of life for we humans. The axiom applies as well to the fundraising programs of nonprofit organizations. As seasoned fundraisers know, it takes all kinds to get and give the billions of dollars that come to Canadian and American charities year after year. Check out the […]

Perfecting the art of your ask

Maybe it’s the fast-approaching fiscal year-end. Or perhaps it’s anticipation of the summer giving doldrums that has fundraisers in a frenzy. Whatever the impetus, there’s a lot of asking going on these days. Which likely explains the increased online chatter about THE ASK, including the following examples from my in-box. Say it with a style. […]