When seeking a gift, use your voice

The organization with which you’re associated has hit a costly bump in the road. What’s the best way to raise a significant chunk of above-the-budget money as quickly as possible? Option 1: Send an email or/letter to everyone on your mailing list Option 2: Speak directly to folks who you think are most likely to […]

Listening for the gift

Most people think of fundraising as all about the ask. But truth be told, the best gifts come because a fundraiser listened. Don’t get me wrong. Asking is important. In fact, the majority of small to mid-size ministries have not because the fundraising team doesn’t ask as much as they should. However, after observing a […]

Fundraising success guaranteed, almost

I thought the title of this post would get your attention. Everywhere I turn, fundraisers, nonprofit execs, and board members are eager for THE secret to fundraising success. Truth be told, however, there isn’t a 100 percent, money-in-your-pocket guarantee in fundraising. You work, after all, with human beings. When freewill kicks in, that’s it. You […]