The parable of surfing dogs, your board, and fundraising

Topping the list of most often asked questions from frustrated nonprofit CEOs and ministry heads is “How do I get my board to grab hold of fundraising?” I long for curiosity about the basics of good governance. But given the financial situation (miserable) of the majority of small to mid-size nonprofits, a shift in focus […]

IF you want to change your board, THEN . . .

The always insightful Seth Godin’s reminder via his blog that “all change involves an if/then promise” speaks to almost any aspect of organizational life. However, if you’re a regular reader of Generous Matters, then you expect me to apply Godin’s wise principle to board governance and/or fundraising. Not wanting to disappoint, that’s what I’ve done […]

Good board hunting

Topping the list of frequently asked board-related questions that come my way is how to fill empty board seats with quality recruits. With nonprofits proliferating at break-neck speed, competition for board members is keen. Throw in expectations like competent, committed, and/or generous and you might as well be chasing Bigfoot. There ain’t no such creature […]

Is diversifying on your board’s to do list?

The folks over at Nonprofit Quarterly recently invited readers to weigh in on issues that “do or should most concern boards” in 2016. They received 172 replies (mine included) to the “pulse survey,” with more than 50 percent of respondents listing “economic uncertainty” as a top concern. No surprise there. The nonprofit sector can’t seem […]

On day one, make it about the board

These days, a honeymoon period for newly minted nonprofit CEOs is little more than a pipe-dream. From day one, it’s problem after problem. Every closet holds another skeleton. As a recently appointed seminary president told me: “My first thought upon waking is, what’s going to go wrong today?” Little wonder that making time for the […]

Investments in board development reap guaranteed returns. I promise.

“Though diverse in their missions, [nonprofit] organizations often face a common – and potentially devastating – challenge. They have selected boards of directors loaded with smart, talented, accomplished people. But, as a team, these boards are not coming close to reaching their potential.” So begins an article from the blog. Fortunately, after starting bleak, […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Creating presentations that connect: About one in five working adults would rather do taxes, go to the dentist, or work on a Saturday than sit through one more PowerPoint presentation.  So reports a study commissioned by SlideRocket to gauge public perception of presentation software.  Although the results are comical—nearly 30 percent of respondents say they’ve […]