Good board hunting

Topping the list of frequently asked board-related questions that come my way is how to fill empty board seats with quality recruits. With nonprofits proliferating at break-neck speed, competition for board members is keen. Throw in expectations like competent, committed, and/or generous and you might as well be chasing Bigfoot. There ain’t no such creature […]

10 habits at the heart of exemplary board governance

In a recent article, I pointed board members who fancy themselves as difference makers in the direction of the board development committee. My reasoning? No organization will be stronger than its board, at least not in the long-term, which makes helping to build a strong board the most important work a board member can do. […]

To be a difference maker, volunteer for the board development committee.

The finance committee is frequently the seat of power within a board. You know, they that control the gold, rule. And board members clamor for a place on the program committee. That’s where the mission is. However, to folks who fancy themselves as difference makers, I recommend the board development (aka nominating) committee. I see […]