Re-claiming a one-time commitment to fundraising as ministry

It’s been 15 years since the publication of Growing Givers’ Hearts: Treating Fundraising as Ministry and although I’ve tried to keep up with the organizations featured in the book, what I’ve heard has been mostly through the ministry grapevine. Until now, that is. A few days back, I was invited to assist the board of […]

Finding your organization’s future in its past

Clients are surprised by the advice, but before launching into a planning process I encourage telling stories about the organization’s past. Eager to grasp the future, nonprofit heads and their governance helpmates see little point in re-visiting what’s already been. In most instances, there’s not much interest in repeating the past, so why spend time […]

The role of edgy questions in strategic planning

If strategic planning is on the horizon for your organization, you’ll want to take a look at the latest issue of Great Boards where contributing editor Barry Bader lists 10 edgy questions that can help clarify a board’s thinking about the future. The article is written for  governance leaders within hospitals and health care systems, […]

Bagging a different kind of CEO

My recent involvement in three CEO searches (one as counsel and two as a member of the search committee) has given me a new appreciation for Flannery O’Connor’s lament about a good man [woman] being hard to find. It’s no small task for faith-based nonprofits — and especially those with modest budgets — to fill the seat at the top.    For several years now, the average tenure of nonprofit […]