When board members go AWOL between meetings, try this.

The complaint I hear more than any other from nonprofit execs and/or board chairs is this: Board members disappear between meetings. Poof! They’re gone. Most can’t even be bothered to respond to my message with a one-word reply: “received.” Sound familiar? If so, I point you in the direction of a Harvard Business Review article […]

The problem of the incredible shrinking board

You know the scenario. As the clock ticks down on a board meeting, seats begin to empty. No matter the announced ending time, there are always members who need (or choose) to leave early.  A faithful remnant holds on to the finish line. And should a vote be required, fingers cross in hopes of a […]

A five-step cure for boredom in the boardroom

If you ‘re the member of a ministry or other nonprofit board, chances are you know the frustration of a poorly run meeting. You’ve yawned through lengthy staff reports, incomprehensible financial updates, and endless rehashes of perennial crisis issues. But because you believe deeply in the mission of the organization you’ve been called to serve, […]

Seven steps to a well-crafted meeting agenda

To most board members, agenda building is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Until they sit through a poorly run board meeting or two, that is. Nothing brings out appreciation of a thoughtfully prepared agenda like bad experiences in the boardroom. In my work with boards of faith-based nonprofits, I describe great meetings — […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Getting the most from board meetings. According to the 2010 BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index, many nonprofit boards struggle to take fullest advantage of meeting time. Only 39 percent of boards are prepared “to a great extent” for meetings (e.g., read materials in advance, follow up on assignments). According to chief executives, 38 percent of meeting […]