Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Investments in good There’s a new kid in the world of finance — social-impact bond (SIB) funds that let investors get rich while doing good. As reported in this week’s Time magazine, here’s how SIBs work.   Funded by private investors, SIBs aim to finance long-term preventive programs run by nonprofit groups to tackle tough social […]

Wile E. Coyote and board recruitment strategies

I recently came across a fantastic apologetic for mixing it up when recruiting new board members — and it’s done without once using the “d” word. Robert Fabricant’s playful references to Wile E.Coyote in communicating serious points about creativity and the importance of diversity (that’s the “d” word of my reference) of perspectives, make for a fun read (to be expected from a firm […]

Advice to boards: In bad economic times, keep on doing the same good things

When asked what boards of faith-based nonprofits should be doing in these tough economic times, I respond: What you should have been doing all along. In good times and in bad, the chief duty of a board is to lead with the best possible governance. My charge to boards of theological schools in a recent issue of In […]