Resolutions for a more generous new year

Last week I admitted my aversion to New Year’s resolutions, opting for three words over complete sentences in my quest for a better me. Then along comes Jason Franklin from Bolder Giving, with giving-focused resolutions for folks who believe generous matters. He has me rethinking my minimalist approach, at least when it comes to our […]

Generosity in other words: examples 1 and 2

Over at Philanthropy 2173, blogger and self-proclaimed “philanthropy wonk” Lucy Bernholz has rolled out her top-ten list of buzzwords for 2011.  She’s up to 9, with the 10th coming in the December 27 issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy. So far, her best of the buzz list includes :  social impact bond; collective impact; storytelling; charitable […]

Young alum, can you share a tenth?

As the clock ticks down on the fiscal year, anxiety ticks up in development offices over percent of alumni as donors. It’s amazing what fundraising staffs will do to boost alumni participation. Some encourage seniors to turn over their housing deposits as first gifts to the institution. Others peg the suggested gift amount to the […]