Explaining a change in plans to campaign donors

“When we launched our campaign back in 2010, the staff position included in the goal made sense. But now that we have the money in hand, not so much. We remain committed to the purposes for the position, but we see there’s a better way to get the work done. How do we explain the […]

A two-part apologetic for the campaign feasibility study

If the idea of a capital or major gifts campaign hasn’t popped up in a boardroom or staff conversation, wait a day or two and you’re likely to hear it mentioned. Wherever money is tight (and that’s just about everywhere these days), someone is likely to propose a campaign as the financial cure-all. And well […]

Hot August tips for campaign success in faith-based settings

There they were, 17 earnest Episcopalians, gathered in the basement of the Cathedral building on a hot August evening to talk about fundraising. With a capital campaign on the horizon, Vestry members were on the hunt for professional counsel and so there I was, peddling my development know-how. Included in my pearls of wisdom to […]