A gentle evaluation turns away anger

In the coming months I will assist with two evaluation processes – one of a seminary president’s performance, the other, a board self-assessment. When approaching such assignments, my modus operandi is to accentuate the positive before broaching the negative. To paraphrase the author of Proverbs, I’ve found that a gentle evaluation turns away anger, while […]

Tips on becoming, identifying, and/or evaluating a leader

Seven-step program for would-be leaders. The November 7, 2011 issue of Fortune magazine includes an interview with Frances Hesselbein, longtime CEO of the Leader to Leader Institute. Along with reminiscences of her spectacular career, Ms Hesselbein shares advice that would-be leaders do well to heed.  You’ll want to read the article for yourself, but here is […]

360 degrees of misery

A few posts back, I wrote about potential pitfalls in CEO evaluation, drawing upon advice I give to boards of theological schools. I stressed the importance of doing no harm – a caution that is reinforced in a recent issue of The Nonprofit Quarterly. Specifically, NQ takes on the ever popular, but potentially lethal 360° […]

Evaluator, do no harm

CEO evaluation in the hands of a well-meaning, but inexperienced, board is a fearsome thing. The nonprofit landscape – including territories occupied by faith-based organizations — is littered with the sorry remains of careers done in by performance reviews gone wrong.  Yet evaluate boards must, which begs advice on how to do it right. When […]