It matters who’s on the mountain with you (part 2)

A few posts back I suggested that for fundraisers, who it is that’s on the mountain with you makes a world of difference. The annual climb to the top of giving pyramid is a grueling, lonely, and sometimes perilous trek. What a blessing to find a hiking companion willing to go the distance with you. […]

7 mid-summer projects for more productive board work in the fall

On Monday of this week, I highlighted a list of spruce-up projects guaranteed to enhance your fundraising results come fall. But it’s not just development staff who can make hay while the sun shines. Board chairs and other governance leaders can do so as well. The dog days of summer are a great time to […]

Friday afternoon reflections on another week of generous matters

Creating presentations that connect: About one in five working adults would rather do taxes, go to the dentist, or work on a Saturday than sit through one more PowerPoint presentation.  So reports a study commissioned by SlideRocket to gauge public perception of presentation software.  Although the results are comical—nearly 30 percent of respondents say they’ve […]