Generosity in quotes: Olivia Whitener

“Being a member of a church comes with many expectations. But so does being a Christian. A theological belief in salvation through grace alone roots my faith, but so does the action of giving of my time, talents, and earthly possessions to those who have less. I am both loved by God as an individual, […]

Generosity in quotes: Philip Yancey

“Henri Nouwen defines ‘community’ as the place where the person you least want to live with always lives. Often we surround ourselves with the people we most want to live with, which forms a club or a clique, not a community. Anyone can form a club; it takes grace, shared vision, and hard work to […]

Generosity in quotes

“I have never found it easy to be with people who suffer, to enter into the chaos of others. Yet, every time I have done so, it has been a gift to me, better than the wrapped and ribboned packages. I am pulled out of myself to be love’s presence to someone else, even as […]

A Labor Day message to Christians returning home from Tampa (and the rest of us as well)

You didn’t build it. You may have had a hand in building whatever it was you were chanting about there in the Tampa Convention Center. But none us, no not one, does anything of significance completely on our own. To quote a familiar adage, it takes a village. We’ve all benefited from the hard work, […]